2021 Academy Term Dates

Please note:  

The Lee Academy terms are in line with Leicestershire Schools, we close for half terms and school holidays.
The academy year runs from January to December.

2021 Term Dates
Wednesday 14th April to 29th May 2021 (7 weeks)
Academy Closed 30th May to 8th June 

Wednesday 9th June to 10th July 2021 (5 weeks)
Academy Closed 11th July to 31st August

Wednesday 1st September to 16th October 2021 (7 weeks)
Academy Closed 17th October to 26th October

Wednesday 27th October to 18th December (8 weeks)
Provisional Christmas Party Sunday 19th December
Academy Closed 20th December to 4th January 2022

Wednesday 5th January to 12th February 2022 (6 weeks)
Academy closed 13th February to 22nd February