On joining the Academy your first day is free, at the end of which you will receive an application form for you to detail which subjects are to be taken (A contact telephone number must be left with me at all times). You will also be given a Medical form to complete at this time. Please note that fees are per term payable in advance. Only two weeks ‘fee paying holiday’ per calendar year is allowed. At all other times when the Academy is open, you will be expected to pay. Please give one terms notice of your holiday dates. We will try to keep Terms to 8 weeks maximum.

No refund will be given if children are absent.

Please put the correct money in the envelope provided or make cheques payable to The Lee Academy. Bacs details are also available, if paying by this method we would be grateful if you could please text the academy number to confirm the transaction.

Academy Closed (at least)

Two weeks at Easter
The month of August
Two weeks at Christmas


Parents with three or more children attending the Academy will receive a 20% DISCOUNT off their bill.


Ballet, whilst NOT compulsory is the basis of all dance and I recommend those taking the other dance subjects (especially Acrobatics) consider studying Ballet as a complimentary subject.

Any student planning on studying at a stage school in the future will have to have taken Ballet and Modern examinations.