Monthly Archives: September 2019

September 2019

Welcome back from our Summer break.  The performance at Disneyland Paris was a huge success. Everyone really enjoyed the trip.  Thank you all for being wonderful.

Week one of the term is exam assessments in all classes.  Envelopes and letters will be given out during this session only.

Showtime 2019 DVDs

The DVDs are now available for collection.  Please ask Donna if you haven’t already received your copy.

Cruise Performers – 19th July to 26th 2020

Rehearsals start on Saturday 7th September from 12.00 to 12.30.  As with our last performances we are working to a professional level and require 100% commitment to rehearsals.  Donna would like all students to have at least a 90% attendance rate over the rehearsal period.  We will not have any compulsory sessions, as in previous years. There are 40 weeks of rehearsals (excluding Academy closures), and dancers are expected to attend at least 36 of them.  This excludes genuine illness.  Failure to meet the criteria will result in dancers not being able to take part in the next external performance.

BTDA Exams- attendance

Please bear in mind for all exam sessions there is a compulsory minimum 90 % attendance rate (with the exception of genuine illness) for exam lessons from the date you receive the exam letter.  If this rate is not adhered to Donna will not allow the examination to go ahead.  Refunds will not be issued.  If your child is unable to keep to the commitment, please do not enter them for the exam.

Thank you for your support.