More Information

We thought it would be good to send a list of key dates coming up over the next year!

We will add extra information to each newsletter closer to the time to remind everyone but know how busy everyone gets.
2021/2022 Term Dates

Wednesday 27th October to 18th December (8 weeks)
Academy Closed 19th December to 4th January 2022
Wednesday 5th January to 12th February 2022 (6 weeks)
Academy closed 13th February to 22nd February
Wednesday 23rd February to 9th April 2022 (7 weeks)
Academy closed 10th April to 26th April
Wednesday 27th April to 28th May 2022 (5 weeks)
Academy Closed 29th May to 7th June
Wednesday 8th June to 9th July 2022 (5 weeks)
Academy Closed 10th July to 24th August
Academy re-opens Wednesday 25th August dates TBC

Thank you for the prompt payments to all who have been entered for their exams.  A reminder that the exam date is Sunday 16th January 2022.  Further times will be issued once the schedules have been issued by BTDA.

 Show Dates
We are excited to announce our show dates for next year.  We have moved to a different venue and look forward to filling it with our performances and supporters!
Monday 20th June 2022 will be a Dress Rehearsal (evening)
Tuesday 21st & Wednesday 22nd June will be the performances (evening).
Venue : Century Theatre in Coalville.

Donna is taking names for the Dads dance performance.  The Dads dance is always a fun dance and highlight of the show. The students love to see their dads involved!

Miss Rosa will be contacting all ex students to take part in the re-union dance for the show.

Open House

Each year we try to have an open house class where we invite parents and carers to come and watch the classes.  It’s a great opportunity to see your child in their class and meet other parents too.
The dates we have set are as follows:
Seniors : Wednesday 2nd March 7pm
Juniors : Friday 4th March
First Steps : Saturday 5th March
Inters : Saturday 5th March 1pm
Further information will be on the February Newsletter

As always, thank you for your support, Donna.