June/July 2015 Newsletter

Dear Parents/Students

Congratulations to everyone for such a wonderful performance in the show, you did yourselves and us proud. Thank you to everyone for your lovely messages, cards and gifts, what a wonderful way to celebrate our 20th anniversary. As soon as the Civic Hall release the final profits we will be able to let you all know how much we have raised for our two charities.

We are busy working towards our next exams that will take place on 28th June and 5th July.  A quick note for all First Steps and Juniors taking exams, the ankle socks required are black (not lilac as printed on the exam letter). Thank you!

There are a number of unclaimed raffle prizes left over from the show. If you have any tickets, please check to see if you a winner. The winning numbers are as follows: Pink tickets 621-625, 336-340, 691-695, 581-585, green & white 146-150 and white 386-390, 381-385. We will keep these prizes until 4th July, and any unclaimed prizes will then be re-raffled amongst the students.

Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras rehearsals will resume on Saturday 7th November from 12pm-1pm. Children who are on the reserve list do not need to attend the rehearsal, but need to keep the performance date of 5th June free. Debbie Yeomans will be e-mailing confirmation of participants shortly.

Second Hand uniform Table top sale – Saturday 4th July!!

As we now have a supply of second hand shoes, uniforms, fleeces, sweatshirts and t-shirts, we are going to hold a table top sale. The Senior’s will be organising this. All proceeds on un-named items will go to the Christmas Party fund. The named items will go to the previous owner. The price of each item is £3. Items are still available to buy before this event if anyone is interested, please speak to a member of staff.


There are no singing lessons for the next term (13/6/15 – 1/8/15). Following the summer, there will be places available in the new class. Donna is in the process of recruiting a new singing teacher, we will issue a letter toward the end of the new term with further details.